You are bidding on all episodes of the Robotech: Macross/Southern Cross/Mospeada Series. Included is the six episodes of Macross II and Robotech sentinels.  

All 85 Robotech Episodes & 2 Movies VHS!!!

If you want all the Robotech series plus this movies: Macross II, Robotech the Sentinels. The series is dubbed in english. I rate the quality as an 8-9 in a 10 scale. $10 for shipping and the payment must be receive at least in one week or bad feedback will be posted. Please only serious bidders. Good Luck and Happy Bidding. 

Any questions: e-mail me at

At this point I only accept money orders and Personal Checks. Arrival of money order  will have tapes sent immediately. Allow 2 weeks for processing personal checks.

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Warning: You may receive numerous emails from malicious eBay users offering a similar item or many users who will attempt to deter you from bidding on an auction for false reasons.  Many of these people will email you from a non-eBay account email address in order to prevent being caught doing this, as it is against eBay policy.  It is against policy because many of these users who will try to persuade you to buy from them will take your money and not send you anything in return.  They have no feedback or credibility and there is no way they can get caught.  I have been cheated in this manner before and do not want to see it happen to anyone else. When you receive emails from these users, the best thing to do is ignore them.

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Ed's DVD 
US$21.99 or less on Sale List

  1. The Patriot(2000) starring Mel Gibson
  2. Gladiator(2000) starring Russell Crowe 
  3. X-Men (2000) starring Patrick Stewart
  4. The Matrix (1999) starring: Keanu Reeves
  5. Princess Mononoke (1999) - best Anime
  6. Seven (1995) Starring: Morgan FreemanBrad Pitt
  7. American Beauty(1999) Starring: Kevin Spacey

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    future releases


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