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F-16 Falcon
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F-18 Hornet
F-14 Tomcat
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Airstrike Online

Welcome to my Airstrike Web page!

Designed to offer info on Russian Attack Aircraft, I have included numerous additions to this site.

Of course the highlight of this site is the extensive, over 30mb of pictures of the  Russian Aircraft. These can be accessed through the Photo Album links below. 

All these pictures should be used for educational purposes. 
I have made every effort possible to make sure the information is accurate.

Below are the links to the Aircraft Photo Albums.


3/16/01 Saw "Enemy at the Gates" and thought it was an excellent movie. I tried looking for more information on Vassili Zaitsev(the sniper) on the internet, but was disappointed so i went a did some research on some of my WWII books and found some exerpts of the man. They are in my new snipers section at another site of mine. Here is a link.
1/16/01 This is the first update in the new year. I have included over 10 more MBs of pictures. These can be seen in the respective Photo Album sections or in the New Pictures link on the side. Please vote on the poll just added.   

Try the new Chatroom of Airstrike Online!! 

12/19/00 I thank all the people that have supported the site so far.. and I am back and ready to update and implement more stuff to this site. Please e-mail me at to give me some tips or ideas on what to put on the site. thank you. 
4/5/00 Added a new site trying to give you guys a choice in books available today. 
21/3/00 Added extra banners/ Added the books/games section for Russian jets related games and books, if there are others available over the internet please e-mail me here.

Photo albums

By looking at these pictures you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:
Pictures presented here have been acquired from other online sources. I as the author of this page wish to claim no right of ownership on them.
You may take these pictures and use them in your web page at your own risk.
If you wish to claim ownership on these pictures, please e-mail me your name and evidence pertaining to your claim.


Okb Sukhoi : A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft 
by Vladimir Antonov, Yefim Gordon (Contributor), Mikolai Gordyukov, vladim Yakovlev, Vyachaslav Zenkin (Contributor)

Hardcover - 300 pages (December 1996)
Voyageur Press; ISBN: 1857800125 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 11.26 x 8.80

Book Description
The famous Russian soviet aircraft design bureau is thoroughly documented in this book, which has been prepared with the cooperation of the Sukhoi bureau and with extensive access to their records and photo files. Each individual aircraft type is reviewed in detail, including phototypes, testbeds and projects in various three view and other drawings.

Buy it now


Buy it today!
Soviet X-Planes
by Yefim Gordon, Bill Gunston
Book Description

This detailed review of Soviet experimental 
aircraft from the early 1900s to the latest Russian prototypes of today is the first book to take a close look at all of the major Soviet experimental aircraft in one concise volume. Working from original sources, the authors have produced an outstanding reference which,  although concentrates on hardware, also includes many projects that were built but never flew, and even a few that never got off the proverbial drawing board. About 150 aircraft types are described, each with relevant data, including many three-view drawings.


Mikoyan Mig-29 Fulcrum : Multi-Role Fighter 
by Yefim Gordon 

Hardcover - 304 pages (November 1999)
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760307644 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.91 x 10.00 x 7.71

Book Description
Developed to meet the Soviet Union's requirement for a dual fighter and ground-attack aircraft, the MiG-29 entered operational service in 1983. Russian author and aviation expert Yefim Gordon interviews Mikoyan design and engineer personnel to reveal the development and operational history of the MiG-29. With access to all design and production records, as well as declassified technical drawings and photographs, Gordon has assembled the ultimate reference to this Cold War fighter, of which an estimated 500 are still believed to be in service around the globe, including in Russia, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, India, Iraq, Iran, Poland and Malaysia.

Buy it now



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Flanker 2.0 Best realistic graphics

Fully textured terrain with a new 3-D graphics engine

Fly the Su-33 Flanker or the Su-27 Flanker

High-quality 3-D sound with Doppler effects

Create your own missions

Multiplayer capabilities

The 2.0 version of Flanker builds on the technical excellence of the original game by adding spectacular new 3-D graphics and sound effects. Choose a plane--the Su-33 Flanker or the Su-27 Flanker--and take off from a naval carrier or from your land base in this ultra-realistic flight simulator and combat game.


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