Su-34 /Su-32FN/Su-27IB? 

Fighter-bomber replacement for the Su-24 Fencer. (formerly known as Su-27IB/KU) Sukhoi designation for the Su-27IB, a two-seat ground-attack version of the Su-27. The Su-27IB/Su-34 has side-by-side seating for two crewmembers in a widened, flattened nose, with extended wing roots and canards, a larger tail boom with rearward-looking radar, and twin-wheel landing gear. The VVS intends to replace all Su-24s with the Su-34. Two Saturn 13300kg AL-31FM. First flight 28-Dec-1994. First two were built at Novosibirsk Chkalov plant.

©«Indepedent Military Review» No21, 1997, p.6
Frontline fighter-bomber Su-34 was designed to attack aerial and surface targets, including small and high speed targets, in the tactical and operative depth of the enemy's order in day and night at any weather conditions. The Su-34 is the deep modification of Su-27 fighter. Two twin-contoured afterbourning turbojets AL-31F (thrust of 12,800kg each) located in separate units under carrying fuselage. It is possible to carry three extra fuel tanks of 3000l each. The crew of two are the pilot and the navigator-operator seat side-by-side in the armoured cockpit in ejectable seats K-36DM. Cockpit is entered via the front gear bay.

On-board equipment includes a multifunction radar, optic-electronic sight-and-observation system, readr sight radar, navigation equipment, communication equipment, AEW. The equipment provides all means for the following tasks (all weather, day and night): search, detection and recognition of surface and aerial targets (including shipd, aircrafts, and missiles); generating data for sights, targeting and AEW systems; automatic AA missiles targeting; group flight and co-operation; generating technical, navigation, and tactical data for multifunction pilot's screens.

The aircraft is equipped with builtin 30mm cannon GSh-301 (180 rounds), guided missiles and unguided rockets on 12 undercarriage units. It can carry R-27(E) and RVV-AE mid-range missiles, short range R-73, tactical short range AGMs X-25M and X-29, mid-range tactical AGMs X-31P(A) and X-59M, guided bombs of 500kg and 1500kg caliber, free fall bombs of 100kg to 500kg caliber, rockets of 80mm, 122mm, and 266mm caliber.

The Su-34 was designed by Sukhoy OKB, in serial production since 1993 at Novosibirsk facility (APO named after V.P.Chkalov). First flown 13-Apr-1990.

Aircraft: Su-34. Take-off mass 39,000kg (max 45,100kg). Combat load mass 8,000kg. Fuel 12,100kg (with extra tanks 19,300kg). Max speed at 11km 1,900km/h (at ground 1,400km/h). Practical ceiling 15,000m. Max overload 7.0. Low altitude range 600km (with extra fuel tanks 1130km). Max distance 4,500km. Length 23.34m. Wing span 14.7m. Wing area 62.0m˛. Heigth 6.36m.

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The Su-34 fighter bomber is manufactured by the Sukhoi Design Bureau Joint Stock Company in Moscow and the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association at Novosibirsk in Russia. The fighter bomber is one of a number of Russian aircraft, Su-27, Su-30, Su-33, Su-34 and Su-35, which have been given the NATO codename Flanker.


The Su-34 fighter bomber is a derivative of the Su-27 fighter aircraft. The aircraft design retains the basic layout and construction of the Su-27 airframe with a conventional high-wing configuration, and a substantial part of the on board equipment. The main differences incorporated into the Su-34 are:
changed contour of the nose section which accommodates an advanced multi-mode phased array radar which has terrain following and terrain avoidance modes
front compartment of the fuselage with a two-seat rather than single seat cockpit
increased capacity of the internal fuel tanks
fixed geometry all-duty air intakes
changed front and main landing gear units to accommodate the increased take-off weight
increased scope of on-board avionics
changes to the central tail boom with a rear facing radar


The Su-34 is armed with a 30 mm gun, designation number GSh-301 and 180 rounds of ammunition. The gun has a maximum rate of fire of 1,500 rounds per minute and the muzzle velocity is 860 metres per second. The gun is supplied by the Instrument Design Bureau in Tula.

The aircraft has 10 hardpoints for weapon payloads and is able to carry a range of missiles including air-to-air, air-to-surface, anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles, guided and unguided bombs, and rockets. The aircraft is fitted with a target designator.


R-73 short range air-to-air missile is supplied by the Vympel State Engineering design Bureau in Moscow. The R-73 is an all-aspect short range air-to-air missile capable of engaging targets in tail chase or head-on mode and is known by the NATO codename AA-11 Archer. The missile has cooled infra-red homing. The R-73 attacks the target within target designation angles of +/- 45 degrees and with angular rates up to 60 degrees per second. The missile can intercept targets at altitudes between 0.02 and 20 kilometres, target g-load to 12g, and with target speeds to 2,500 km per hour. A gas aerodynamic system which controls the motor thrust vectoring gives the missile high agility to engage targets manoeuvring at accelerations up to 12g.


The RVV-AE air-to-air missile, also known as the RR-77 or by the NATO designation AA-12, is manufactured by the Vympel State Engineering Design Bureau in Moscow. The missile can intercept targets at speeds up to 3,600 km/h and altitudes from 0.02 to 25 kilometres. The minimum range in the aft hemisphere is 300 metres. and the maximum vertical separation between the host aircraft and the target is 10 kilometres. The RR-77 has inertial guidance with midcourse radio updates and terminal active guidance.


The Su-34 carries a range of precision guided and unguided bombs and rockets. It is reported that the Su-34's air-to-surface laser guided bomb is the KAB-500 developed by the Region State Research and Production Enterprise based in Moscow.


The cockpit has two K-36DM zero/zero ejection seats side by side for the pilot and copilot. The seats are supplied by Zvesda Research and Production Enterprise Joint Stock Company, Moscow. The multifunction displays in the cockpit show the flight parameters, the operational status of the aircraft units and tactical data.


The aircraft is powered by two after-burning AL-31F or AL-35 turbofan engines. The engines are mounted under the wing and are equipped with all-duty fixed geometry air intakes. A rotor protection installed in the air intakes provides protection against the ingestion of foreign objects.

The aircraft can carry 12,100 kg of fuel internally in two fuel tanks in the wings and four fuel tanks in the fuselage. Three external fuel tanks each with a capacity of 3,000 litres can be fitted.

The aircraft can achieve a speed of 1,900 km/hour (Mach 1.6) at altitude and 1,300 km/hour (Mach 1) at sea level.


The aircraft has fully automatic and semi-automatic flight control for low altitude flight by day and night and in all weathers. The communications suite includes jam resistant secure voice and data communications between aircraft and control stations and aircraft to aircraft.

The electronic countermeasures systems provide protection against hostile ground based air defences, fighter interceptors and air-to-air and ground-to-air missiles.

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